Storage FAQ

Where are you located?

Michigan City location:  our address is at 1002 W Green Street, Michigan City, Indiana about ½ mile southwest of downtown Michigan City and the outlet mall, at the west end of 11th Street (where the South Shore train curves out of town heading to Chicago).  We are the original 3-story Portis Hat factory, which later became the JayMar Ruby factory.

Do you have climate controlled units?

  • A: No, we do not have units that are individually climate-controlled.  All of our storage units are located inside our multi-story buildings.  The units are protected from the weather simply by being indoors, so loading and unloading of your items using our freight elevator, and the available on-site carts, dollies, and pallet jacks is a breeze, and very welcome when the weather outside is rainy or snowy.
  • B: We do have indoor heated warehouse space to store cars, boats, RV’s, campers and motorcycles, etc.  The warehouse space is different at each location, so be sure to call for price and availability.

Do you rent month to month or do I need to sign a lease?

  • Yes, typical rentals are on a month-to-month basis, with rental periods renewing automatically each successive month until the lease is terminated.

Are there multi-month or pre-pay discounts when renting a unit?

  • Yes, we offer discounts for pre-paying a number of months, even up to a year of pre-paid rent.  We also offer discounts for people aged 55 and over, as well as active and retired military personnel.  Call the office during business hours to get the latest information on discounts.

Do you require a security deposit for renting a unit?

  • No, however, all rentals at Alpha Storage require a one-time Administration Fee to set-up your account.

How are leases terminated?

  • Simply inform us two weeks prior to your desired move-out date of your intention to leave, in order for us to schedule your Move Out and to prepare for re-renting of the unit as soon as it becomes available.

Does Alpha Storage provide locks, and who keeps the key?

  • No, we do not provide locks to any unit.  We do however, sell locks at the office, or you can bring your own lock.  We do not keep keys to any unit; you are responsible for your own key.  If a lock is not placed on a unit, then one will be placed on the unit by the end of the business day and charged to the customer’s account.

Do you provide insurance on my goods and am I required to have insurance on my goods in order to store them?

  • The answer is multi-faceted, please read all information:
    • No. Alpha Storage does NOT provide insurance for the goods you store in your unit or in the outside storage areas.
    • You are not required to have insurance on the items you store in the units, but we strongly recommend getting insurance for anything you store with us.  Talk to your insurance agent and they can guide you through the process.
    • Yes, Alpha Storage requires proof of insurance on any vehicle, boat, trailer, etc that is stored in the outside or indoor storage areas.

Do you have storage for autos, boats, RV’s, trailers?

  • Yes.  We have a large heated warehouse space for storing boats, RV's, campers, cars, trucks, golfcarts, or any other vehicle you may need to keep out of the weather.  The size limitation is typically anything less than 33' in length, but it also depends on the size and number of vehicles or boats that we already have inside that space.
  • We also have an outside fenced and secured storage area for all your RV, boat, camper or vehicle storage needs.

What types of storage do you offer?

  • We offer storage to both personal and business storage customers.
    • Personal storage items may consist of furniture, boxes, seasonal items, etc.
    • Business storage items may consist of documents, file boxes, store fixtures, seasonal decorations, office furniture, etc.

When can i access my unit(s)?

  • Access to your storage unit, vehicle, etc. is only done during normal business hours and with the assistance of an Alpha Storage employee who operates the storage elevator or takes you to the vehicle storage area.
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